Estimate Approved, Repairs Scheduled, Ready to Retreat

I received word today from my insurance company, Amica, that they have approved the estimate for repairs on Wild Thing submitted by Hazard Marine. The insurance company for the driver of the truck that hit Wild Thing has accepted full responsibility so all the charges will be covered. That was all very good news! I called the folks at Hazard Marine and scheduled to bring Wild Thing to them on Monday. The Escape Trailer Industries factory will be sending parts so this repair should be accomplished in time for me to keep to my schedule for winter departure.  I am glad to have this settled before I go away for my retreat so I can relax and recharge without worry. Today I shut down the refrigerator in the camper. I did not want to keep the propane active while she is in for repairs. I removed all the food, propped the doors open with the clips provided with the fridge, and turned it off. I closed the valves on both propane tanks at the source. The battery is still connected and today when I checked it was charged to 100%.  The solar panel and the brilliant sun we have been enjoying this week are keeping the batteries well. I plan to leave the batteries connected since I will be on the road again in 3-4 more weeks. There is little draw on the batteries while the camper is parked, just a few displays and the propane detector. The gray and black water tanks are empty but I did leave some water in the fresh tank. I added bleach to that water to help keep the lines sanitized. I will flush that out when I get rolling again. I shouldn't need to winterize if I'm able to leave for warmer climes by the end of November but I will keep an eye on the weather and watch for any drastic dips in temperature.

This weekend is forecast to be glorious with 70's during the day and 50's at night. Perfect! I hope to have some nice foliage pictures to share from Biddeford, ME tomorrow!

1st Day Home "To Do" List

My first day home was spent mostly on practicalities. I contacted our insurance agent at Amica and reviewed the accident that happened in Boulder, WY. He contacted an adjuster who will be out to assess the damage on Tuesday. Fingers crossed that the repair is quick and easy. I then spent some time online ordering items for the camper:

  • A Sink Drain Wrench so I can fix the leaky sink. I purchased the plumbers putty on the road so once it arrives I can correct that problem.
  • Replacement LED Bulbs for the Range Hood Light. Thanks to the folks on the Escape Trailer Forum, I know these will work and provide me with brighter, longer lasting light.
  • Wheel Chocks that are larger and stronger than the ones I currently have. I will continue to use the X Chocks between the tandem wheels and want to add these to the front and rear of the tires on both sides. I like that the X Chocks can be locked and that they help to stabilize the trailer,  but I want the added protection that these chocks will provide.
  • I want to wash the trailer and the folks on the forum recommend a good marine type wash like Meguiar's that will protect the gel coat exterior of the camper and will also not strip off the wax.
  • I needed a bug remover that will not harm the finish on my beautiful Wild Thing and the forum was again my source to find what I needed. Bug Melt by PPC was the winner here!
  • I had a Weber Q 1200 Grill in my trailer hope chest but learned that the propane -quick-connect port on Wild Thing provides propane that has already been regulated at the tank so any appliance connected through this quick connect should not have a regulator attached.  The Weber Q 1200 Grill came with a regulator attached so I need to modify it to use with the quick connect port on the camper. The Escape Trailer Forum folks helped me find the right thing, a conversion kit. There's even a YouTube video outlining how to make the modification with the Torjik Converta Q Kit!
  • I found wrangling the fresh water hose on the trip challenging. I have a 10' and a 25' water hose and both are sturdy, do not kink, but are stiff and difficult to wind up for storage. I'm going to try this mesh bag, the Storeahose by StoneWolves Products that promises to make the job easier.  I'll post a review after I give it a try.

The rest of the day was spent on laundry, errands, cooking, and snuggling with Dexter!