Winterizing the Trailer 2.0 and Yarn Storage in the Camper

It has been very chilly the past few days. It was in the 20's overnight and is forecast to be in the teens tonight. I checked on the camper today and found that there was some residual water in the lines around the water pump that had frozen solid. This was not what I had expected after performing the winterizing routine two days ago using the blow-out procedure. Clearly, the blowout did not remove all the water.  I needed to thaw the ice in the lines and then use the winterizing T valve to draw RV antifreeze through the lines to correct the problem. My DH brought over a blow dryer from the house and we used it to melt the ice. It was fortunate that I had the inverter option installed in Wild Thing which allowed me to use the onboard 120v outlets to power the blow dryer today since I don't have access to external power while the trailer is in the storage facility. The inverter converts battery power to 120V, and my solar panel uses sunlight to charge the battery, what a great set up! I'd been running the furnace for a few hours before I discovered the ice in the lines so between the warmth in the trailer and the heat from the blow dryer the ice was melted in no time. With the ice gone, I pumped RV antifreeze through the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, inside and outside shower and the toilet using the winterizing T-Valve and the water pump. Problem solved. Now there is no danger of ice in the lines, no matter how cold it gets. Brrr...I can't wait to get to a warmer climate!

Before found the ice in the water lines, I had been doing a bit of packing and found a new use for the FoodSaver Ziploc Bags and handheld vacuum pump...I'm using them to store my yarn and knitting projects in neat little packages. Thanks Lucy for introducing me to this device!

7 more days until I'm back on the road!