Another Back Treatment, 91° And Sunny, Unconventional Art Tools

I was back in Tucson again today for another chiropractic treatment on my back. Making progress slowly. It was a gorgeous day with a high of 91 degrees and beautiful sunshine. The heat here is dry so it doesn't feel quite as hot as the thermometer says. I had the camper open most of the day but closed it up late afternoon to cool things down with the AC for the evening. Once the sun goes down things cool off to the upper 50s or lower 60s so if the camper is cool it will be just right! While I was in town I stopped at CVS and bought some makeup application supplies that I think may work to help me blend and contour the pastels I'm attempting to use for the painting of the rabbit. Using my fingers is great but sometimes I need a smaller more detailed tool and I was finding the paper stumps were taking too much of the pigment off. I'm going to play around with eyeshadow applicator sponges, makeup sponges, and mascara applicators. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!