Dr Eric, Posner's Art Store, and Arizona State Museum

After another visit to Dr. Eric, the chiropractor at That's the Spot in Tucson, I'm getting back in the swing of things. He made some great progress today on my sore back and I was able to enjoy a few hours wandering around the university area. I stumbled on Posner's Art Store on University Drive and enjoyed a chat with sisters Amy and Jenny who run this great little art store. They were both charming, warm, open, and very helpful. The people I've met in Tucson make me feel right at home!

After a quick lunch at Gentle Ben's Brewing Company I strolled down a couple of blocks to the Arizona State Museum. I had heard and read that this was a good place to see indigenous pottery, weaving, basketry, and other native artifacts and was anxious to check it out. What a beautiful gem of a museum it turned out to be. I lucked into and exhibit on Hopi Katsina Dolls as well as an exhibit of Native Basketry and Fiber art called Woven Through Time.

This Museum also has an astounding collection of pottery from the area. They only display a small portion of their collection at a time but there is a virtual catalog where you can view pieces not currently on display. I took a lot of pictures and even with the challenging lighting in the museum, I think you will enjoy seeing them. Here's a big shout-out to all of my friends at the Textile Tarts Doll Club, I hope you enjoy the photos of the Hopi Dolls!

These photos are from the exhibit Woven Through Time and show the beautiful artistry of woven baskets.

These photos were taken in an exhibit called Life Along the River which chronicled native tribes who lived along the little Colorado River.

And these are just a few photos from the enormous pottery exhibit.

I could have spent hours in this museum but didn't want to overdo and undo the progress I've made on my back. This is definitely a place that I will revisit and it was a real bargain at only $5 for admission!