Texas Holdem', Lazy Day Reading, and Pastel Monsieur Le Lapin

Last night I joined in a game of Texas Hold'em held here at De Anza RV Resort. This park offers a wide variety of interesting events throughout the week. It was a very fun time, low stakes, playing $0.10 for small blind and $0.20 for big blind, and the blinds never increase. It was nice low pressure game which was great for me. I had some really terrigic hands and some really bad ones but it was a fun and entertaining evening spent in good company. I held my own and at the end of the evening I walked away $25 richer. Not bad for a $0.10 table! Although I'm not ready for the World Poker Tour it was a respectable finish.

Today I had another day of relaxation, I'm making some progress on the back but really need to continue to take it slow so I'll be in shape for travel next week. It was very warm today with a high of 90! It didn't feel uncomfortable however, and running the fan and opening the windows in the camper was enough to keep it cool and I enjoyed soaking in those rays of sunshine. I finished the book I've been reading, Lab Girl by Hope Jahren, (which I absolutely loved! ) and started the next one, The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery. This one's been on my list for quite some time and I'm happy to have the time to read it now.

I also spent a couple of hours this afternoon playing around with Mr Rabbit. I've not used pastels before and I'm figuring out slowly the best process. Most of today was laying down color than smudging it out! Unlike other mediums when you blend pastels a lot of the color comes away so it's going to take quite a bit of layering and plenty of forethought to get this right. I do like this medium since I always enjoy getting my hands into the artwork and it's quite forgiving. All this layering is helping me learn to see value and render it.

Monsieur Le Lapin has quite a ways to go but here's where I am so far.