That's The Spot, Signs of Spring in the Desert, Early Sketch of Jack

Thank you for all of your warm wishes and concerns, my back is a bit better today. At least it's moving in the right direction! I decided not to wait since I only have a week left here in the area and sought out the assistance of a local chiropractor. Dr. Eric and his practice called "That's the Spot" came at the recommendation of the folks at Soulistic Healing Center so this morning I drove into Tucson to check him out. It's an interesting set up in that the clinic is run on a walk-in basis only and Dr Eric has eight tables set up in a large room so that he can move quickly from patient to patient. If one patient needs some time in between adjustments, he can take care of a neighboring client who may not need as much manipulation. Genius! Most chiropractic adjustments can be done in a relatively short amount of time so this configuration is very efficient for both the patient and the doctor. I was there a bit longer than most since it was my first time and the staff took a complete history and copious notes for Dr. Eric to review before he saw me. He did a good job and made a respectable start on getting things loosened up and back where they belong. I'll go back a few more times before the week is up to see if he can get my sore spots to release completely. I was able to walk more comfortably today and during my spins around the campground I was noticing clear signs of spring. The flowers are beginning to bloom and the cactus are sending out blossoms and plenty of new shoots. The weather has been gorgeous, in the mid-80s with no humidity. That's my kind of spring!

This afternoon I started a little sketch of a jackrabbit. I'm hoping to work him up with pastels. I don't have much experience using that medium and he seemed like a good subject to practice on. I'll keep you posted!