Back Massage, Running Errands, Laundry

I'm still struggling with back pain. Today I tried therapeutic massage to help resolve this latest bout. Auneea at the Soulistic Healing Center in Tubac gave me a wonderful massage and worked out many knots but I'm still battling the lower back spasms. If it's not better in another day or two I'll try a local chiropractor. In the meantime, I'm stretching and doing what I can. I boxed up some of the excess I brought with me in the camper and some things I have accumulated along the way (it turns out I don't need a full set of dishes, place settings for 6...who knew??) and took the box to the UPS Store.

Laundry was next on the agenda. It's easy here at DeAnza where they have plenty of washers and driers for everyone!

Now it's time to stretch again and rest the back...Maybe I'll wake up and be pain free tomorrow...a girl can dream!