Better Back, Quilts Ltd., Grandmother Agnes

My back is feeling a better today, but is still not a hundred percent, so I continued to take it easy. I took small walks around the park and enjoyed time relaxing in the Sun. I did pop out midday to visit a cute shop in Tubac I've had my sights on called Quilts Ltd. There I met Kim who showed me around this beautiful shop filled with quilts, wearable art, jewelry, and a nice selection of vintage quilt books and patterns. Kim is a kindred spirit who enjoys many of the same arts and crafts that I do. She also gave me a wonderful recommendation of a thrift store I may want to check out tomorrow! Tucked in a corner I found some beautiful hand-dyed quilting fabrics that were just what I had been dreaming about. I've been thinking about creating some small desert landscape quilts and these beauties will be perfect!

Dexter kept me entertained the rest of the day with his favorite game of hide under the blanket while I put the finishing touches on the painting of my lady.

It turns out she's an homage to my Grandmother Agnes who was the artist in our family. It doesn't look much like her but sure seems to embody her spirit for me. I often don't have a clear idea of who I'm painting as I'm going through the process, but at some point the painting reveals its meaning to me. My grandmother lived in New York City during the 1940's and painted for a company that produce those beautiful black metal trays with gorgeous hand-painted floral arrangements that you see occasionally now in antique stores.

Here's to you Agnes! Thank you for paying me a visit through this painting!