Raptor Free Flight 2, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Dexter Has a Spa Day!

Steve and I were up early today to attend the Raptor show at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum again. It's such a beautiful thing to see that Steve wanted another opportunity to experience it and take some photos. Here are a few shots I captured today. This Perigrin Flacon was sooo fast! I was fortunate to capture these two photos as he streaked by like a bullet!


This is a new member of the museum, a Southern Crested Cara Cara. This teenager was rescued when an eagle who had picked him up for dinner dropped him by mistake and a good Samaritan happened to be nearby and able to bring the baby bird to safety! He's now well cared for by the trainers and staff of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.

This Great Horned Owl really put on a show for me. The trainers bait them with bits of meat in the trees surrounding the area where we are standing and you can see in one of these photos how much he enjoys his treat. The birds are free to come and go as they please but they like the treats so they stay close by and often cruise within an inch of the spectator's heads!

The desert is just beginning to bloom and I will enjoy seeing the color emerge as spring continues.


A family group of three Harris Hawks who hunt together were the next birds making an appearance. They are so beautiful and majestic!

It was a very hot day with a high of 90° so after the morning raptor show, we took a short drive into town to check out the Tucson Botanical Gardens. The grounds were lovely and shaded with plants just beginning to bloom. There was a wonderful outdoor exhibit of large origami art pieces and an interesting model train and scale model town. After a delicious lunch at the Botanical Garden Cafe, we spent several hours in their Butterfly Aviary but those photos will have to wait for another day!


Dexter hung out at Central Pet in the air conditioning and had a bit of a spa day. They gave him a bath, trimmed his nails, clean his ears and teeth! He look pretty spiffy when we picked him up and was proud as could be strutting around the campground with his ball in his mouth! I found this is a great way to keep him from barking on our walks and he enjoys having a job to do!