Elegant Trogon!!

Steve and I have been seeing and photographing many birds over the past week but there is one that we were both hoping to capture and today we got lucky! The Elegant Trogon is a 12" tropical bird that ranges in the surrounding canyons and although we have heard there were sightings in the area it's still pretty rare and exciting bird to see. We hiked all morning without success, heard of a few sightings but always seemed just too late to catch a glimpse of him. Then, just as we were giving up for the day and heading to the truck, we heard that he had been sighted again and this time we were rewarded for our efforts! I took many photos of this glorious bird and here are a few of my favorites. He was a spectacular sight as we followed him along the canyon for about 2 hours, traipsing through the brush, crisscrossing the stream and snagging ourselves on cactus trying to keep him in sight. He loved to tuck himself back in the trees, but did pose briefly a few times for us!