Buenos Aries Nature Preserve, Kitt Peak Observatory, Spring Color, Late Dinner at Firefly

Steve and I drove to the Buenos Aires Nature Preserve in Arivaca today, still hunting birds with our cameras. All of the water reservoirs at this lovely spot were dry so the birds were pretty scarce. This would be a good place during the wet season. From there we drove up to Kitt Peak Observatory arriving just before closing. It was a spectacular drive and a place that we will revisit when we have more time to explore.

I stopped to snap a few pictures of the early spring flowers blooming along the roadside.

We're now enjoying a late dinner at local restaurant called Firefly.

On the road here, Steve had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a herd of javelina crossing the road! They were too quick for a picture, but we enjoyed the nature show. This is just another thing you don't see in Massachusetts!

We'll be up early tomorrow and back on the trail of the Elegant Trogon that's been sighted at Madera Canyon. We will be birding with a gentleman I met a few weeks ago at Rusty's RV Ranch who has been a long time birder, photographer, and nature artist and who is now camping at the same spot we are here in Amado! It will be fun to tag along with someone who's more experienced at this new sport.