Back out Birding!

Steve and I spent the morning settling into the campground and doing some research on places to go birding in the area. We drove out to a local park where there is a team of birders from all over the world on Black Hawk Watch. These dedicated birders use binoculars and high powered telescopes to observe, count, and document area raptors like Sharp-Shinned Hawks, Golden Eagles, and the rare Common Black Hawk. This is the prime season in this area for the Common Black Hawk ( unfortunately named since it's not common at all!). This bird has only about 250 documented pairs remaining in the USA and they are congregating here this week! We spent time talking with these birders and hope to see some of these majestic birds. We took a short hike down a  trail off Santa Gertrudis Lane that follows the Santa Cruz River and found a few birds along the way. This Say's Phoebe was tucked back into the branches of a Palo Verde tree and was quite shy and fast moving but I got a couple of shots of her.

This butterfly was also pretty skittish and a challenging subject but I was persistent and managed one good shot.


The trees were more cooperative models...


I caught a few shots of this Gila Woodpecker although she was pretty far away and at the reach of my lens. I'll have to keep trying to get a more clear shot of this species.

My best shot of the day, however, was this beautiful Wilson's Warbler that I was fortunate enough to snap before she took to cover.