Fantastic First Day!

We sure packed a lot into the fantastic first day of Steve's visit. Breakfast at the Greyhound room got us off to a good start and by the time we were finished with our meal and showers my permanent spot had opened up so we move the camper from the dry camping parking lot where we've been for the past two nights, to site number 37, my home for the next week. With much interest in help from our neighbors, we backed into this site without incident. The site is very level although we are a little close to our neighbors, everyone seems friendly, and we even have a nice little tree in our yard. The hookups were a little challenging with waters on one side, sewers on the opposite side, and electric directly behind. Fortunately, my cables and hoses were all long enough to reach. It was a beautiful sunny day so after a cool drink we jumped in the truck to explore the area a bit. We drove 7 miles down the highway to the wonderful artist community of Tubac and wander the galleries for a few hours. There's a wide variety of art and we both enjoyed the afternoon there. Here's just a sampling of what we saw:

My favorite artist of the day was this exhibit by Felice House

We ate a late lunch on the patio of Wisdom Dos listening to live music and sipping a beer. It was a gorgeous sunny 75°. What a life!

Late in the afternoon we decided to drive down the road a few more miles to scout out the Tumacacori National Historical Park. This beautiful Old Mission is under restoration and is a great photographic opportunity for Steve and I. I took some snaps with the cell phone today and we will return with our Nikon's when we have more time.

There's so much to see in this area we both look forward to the next two weeks!