Travel Prep Day and an Unfortunate Bobcat Incident

Today was travel prep day. I want everything fresh and clean for Steve's visit so all the bedding: sheets, quilt, blanket, and mattress pad, along with all Dexter's bedding and toys, and all the towels and rugs were added to my laundry chore today. The large commercial machines made it simple to clean the bulky items. Still, it was quite a pile!

I also made a stop to get my hair trimmed and neatened up. Hether at Regis Hairstyles had me back in shape in jig time.

Back at the camper I spent the last bit of energy I had putting away the laundry and remaking the bed. The loft arrangement in my 5th wheel is cozy and makes towing easy, but one challenging aspect is the physical exertion it takes to make up the bed!

I ran into my friend Ann this morning. She is camping in a different section of the park and said they lost power overnight. The Rangers discovered that the cause of the problem was a young bobcat who had climbed up inside the electrical transformer and unfortunately shorted the electrical circuit and lost his life in the process. What an unfortunate event for this beautiful young animal. He was probably just trying to find a nice warm hiding place.

I'm still not back to 100% and wrestling the bedclothes did me in for the day! I'm going to rest up this evening and gather myself for the 6 hour drive tomorrow. Just two more sleeps before Steve arrives!