T or C Scouting Trip

I'm feeling a bit better today. A big Thank You to everyone who offered me your well wishes! I really hate being slowed down by illness. After morning coffee, journaling my morning pages, walking with Dexter, showering, and enjoying a phone call from my son in Baja, I gave Dexter a much needed bath and trimmed his toenails. Still feeling chipper, I decided to take a drive to Truth or Consequences , NM an hour up the road. This quaint little town has been on my tour list for some time and I couldn't miss the opportunity to check it out while I'm in such close proximity. This town was known as Hot Springs, NM until 1950 when the radio host of the then popular show Truth or Consequences, Ralph Edwards, offered to host the show in the first town that changed its name to Truth or Consequences as a publicity stunt for the shows 10th Anniversary. Affectionately referred to as T or C by the locals, this quirky little town definitely has an adventurous spirit that's evident in the art, architecture, and people who have settled and developed this town. I was only able to spend a couple of hours poking around before my energy gave out but I found a thriving community that seems to be in a period of growth and development. I had fun looking at all the color of architecture and art on display in this little town and the locals were very friendly. I parked and walk the streets of Broadway and Main poking into some of the little shops along the way. There are lots of art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants. There's a new Brewery in town but it wasn't open while I was there and unfortunately quite a few establishments are closed on Wednesdays. There seems to be a thriving art and music scene in T or C.

I stopped at a little shop called Second Hand Rose where I met Sally, a fellow Traveler, and enjoyed a lovely chat with the shop owner who recommended a great little place for lunch called A Little Slice of Heaven.

At the Art Gallery on Broadway, which features the work of only T or C artists, I met Naomi, a delightful woman. She and her husband are musicians who have relocated to the area from Alaska and Portland. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her. She shared her latest CD with me and I've been listening to it all afternoon! What a wonderful gift! She is very talented and I'm really enjoying her music.

There seems to be a strong independent, rugged, and pioneer vibe in the town and I think I'll need to come back when I have more time! The town may have changed it's name, but it still offers some of the finest geothermal natural hot springs around. There are 10 Spa/bathhouses just in the downtown area, where you can enjoy a soak. Many old motels have been refurbished and updated to accommodate guests. I'm glad I took this scouting trip and look forward to camping near T or C soon so I can explore this community in more depth.

My energy was flagging so I just had time for a quick stop at the art supply store, Hot Springs Frame & Art Supply which had a good selection of basic supplies for the fine art community. Friendly helpful staff too!

I'm bushed now and looking forward to a quiet evening with Dexter. Tomorrow I'll begin preparations to leave on Friday for DeAnza RV in Amado, AZ. My DH arrives on Saturday!