Busy Morning, Quiet Afternoon, Quilting in the Camper.

It was a beautiful sunny day and feeling ambitious this morning I dug out a bucket and rag to clean some of the road grime off Wild Thing. She sure needed a bath! Dexter napped on the patio while I scrubbed her down.

With that chore done, I decided to take advantage of the warm dry day and set up a quilt cutting station on the picinic table. I cut the borders for my camper quilt and all the pieces needed for another small quilt I've been wanting to make for years.

After lunch I laid down for a couple of hours to try and fend off another sinus headache. They are such a bother! By late afternoon I was feeling well enough for Dexter and I to take our usual walk down by the river. It was too warm for the birds to be out, but we enjoyed stretching our legs and soaking up some sun.

I set up my sewing machine this evening and have enjoyed a few hours of piecing quilt blocks. This camper gives me plenty of room to sew and I love that the Anderson Pedestal on my dining room table allows me to quickly and easily adjust it to the perfect height for my machine. As you can see, Dexter's new crate fits nicely under the table leaving me more room to maneuver. He was happy to curl up in there and continue his nap from this morning...ah, a dogs life!

I just have time now for one more walk before the sun goes down on another beautiful day in the desert.