100 Days On The Road!

Today marks 100 days I've been on the road this trip and I feel like I'm just getting started! This lifestyle suits me and I've fallen into a very comfortable rhythm. I wonder what the next 100 days will bring.

It's pretty interesting how quickly my perceptions change. After a month in the Rodeo/Portal area, Radium Springs feels like a sprawling metropolis! I'm noticing every sound: traffic on the roads, people talking and working, a train going by, an airplane over head, car radios, all these normal everyday sounds of modern life are brought into sharp focus after my time in the quiet communities of Rodeo and Portal.

Now that I'm close to town, today was a day to catch up on errands. My first stop was a lovely quilt store in Las Cruces, Bernina Sewing & Design. I needed border fabric for the camper quilt I've been working on and found just the right one there, as well as a few other goodies. The staff were all very helpful and Ellen help me choose fabrics for another project.

This is a great little shop and if you're in the area it's worth a stop.

My next stop was Tractor Supply Co.

I had good success feeding the birds at my last campsite and wanted to continue this practice here. I needed more bird seed and a feeder. I also had my eye on a pair of all-weather shoes I saw on a woman at Rusty's. She found them at Tractor Supply Co. They are made by the same company who used to make the little rain covers for ladies shoes in the 1940s! I was happy to find everything I came for at this store and at great prices!

My next stop was the UPS Store. I had ordered some art supplies from Amazon while it Rusty's, and one package was delayed by weather and did not arrive until Monday after I had left. Rusty was kind enough to forward it on to me here in Las Cruces and it arrived today. Logistics on the road is easy with a little help from your friends!

My last stop was Walmart. I needed a few groceries and a few items for the camper. I've been looking for a step stool to use in conjunction with the camper step and found one today. It's a 15 inch drop from the camper step to the ground so this little step stool cuts that in half. Much more comfortable! I also found a new crate for Dexter. It's smaller than the one I had and fits in the area under the table. It saves a lot of room! He seems happy with it!

The clouds are rolling in and it's cooling off. Tomorrow I have an 8am appointment at the Ram dealership for some routine maintenance on the truck so I'll need to be up and out early. I better get a good night's rest!