Travel Day, RV Service, Escape Neighbor

I left Rusty's RV Ranch just after sunrise and drove 3 hours to Bogart Service Center in Las Cruces. I wanted to have the hot water heater checked since the last time I used it on propane it cause the propane detector alarm to sound, and it was also time for the routine adjustment of the trailer brakes. April greeted me at the door and the service was completed in just over an hour. The furnace needed cleaning but was operating properly so the alarm was most likely caused by a breeze and open window near the unit when fired up. The breaks were checked and adjusted, and they also checked the lug nuts, the tires, and topped off the battery water levels. I was very pleased with the service and the bill was $205 including materials, labor, and taxes. A fair price for all this service!

From there I drove the short distance up to Leesburg Dam State Park and successfully backed into site number 27. It wasn't nearly as difficult backing in as I had feared and this is a lovely corner spot, very private and quiet. I'll see the sun rise out my kitchen window and set out my back window. Here's the view from my back patio. Dexter approves!

After I unhitched, I went out for lunch at a new place that has just opened up across from the park entrance, La Cocina (translation The Kitchen) And enjoyed my favorite, cheese enchiladas!

Back at the campsite, Dexter and I went for a short walk around the park and when we return to our camper another Escape owner had pulled in to the site right next to ours! It turned out to be none other than Jon Vermilye, A lovely gentleman who was very instrumental in helping me sort out all of the options when I was researching the purchase of Wild Thing. Jon is very active on the Escape Trailer Forum and provided me with an abundance of helpful information. It was a real treat to meet Jon! He's just passing through and will be here only a night so I'm fortunate to have connected with him.

Jon is a fellow travel blogger and you can follow his travels here:

It has been another exciting day in the life of this RV Adventurer! I'm going to relax now and soak up some sun. It's a beautiful day, 68 degrees and a light breeze. Dexter still approves!