Bye Bye Birdies

Today was my last day here at Rusty's RV Resort. I have had such a wonderful time, met so many great folks, and really connected with this interesting place. I'm sure I will be back... These Crurved Billed Thrashers visited the tree outside my window this morning. What a way to start the day!

After breakfast Dexter and I drove to Animas, 18 miles away, to fill up the truck with gas. Along the way, we spotted this beautiful Red Tailed Hawk and pulled over to get a few pics.

What a gift! Next stop was the Portal Library to drop off the DVD's I've been enjoying. I met up with David, a nature photographer who is also staying here at Rusty's and we teamed up to try to find owls. The Screech Owl I previously photographed at the library was not poking his head out today. It has been cool the past few days and the birds are definitely hunkered down and staying warm somewhere out of sight. David has helped me tremendously, giving me lots of terrific information and pointers on how to use my camera for nature shots. I am so grateful for the help, advice, and instruction! Check out David's amazing work on FaceBook: AboutDWPhotography

and here:

We drove down the Canyon road looking for a Bearded Screech Owl that has been recently sighted in the area. We didn't find him but managed to find a few other interesting feathered friends. We saw some deer but they were tucked deep into the grass and I couldn't get a clear shot. The turkeys too stayed pretty well hidden but I did manage to get a few shots to at least show how beautiful they were.  Their feathers were quite iridescent in the sunlight.

I got a peek at a few more cuties. I wonder what they are thinking...

As we headed back to pick up my truck, a Turkey Vulture we had spotted in the distance swooped right over our heads! These birds are huge! I managed to get a couple of shots, but just...he was really moving!

It has been such a treat to have access to such a rich abundance of wildlife. It's going to be hard to leave tomorrow!

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning out the camper and hitching up. I want to be up and on the road at daybreak. I have an appointment at an RV service center in Las Cruces to get the brakes adjusted on Wild Thing and the sooner I arrive, the sooner the job will be done and I can be on my way to Leasburg State Park campground. Bye Bye Birdies!