Make New Friends, But Keep The Old..., Black Swan Eggs, New Aviary Residents

I love this quote by Joseph Parry: "Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold." I am certainly blessed with both old and new friends. I spent this morning with one of my new friends Peggy, and her husband Barry. They are from Toronto and have been wintering here in the Southwest. Peggy invited me for coffee and to share some of her writing with me. She has been writing beautiful pieces based on old family photographs that are part creative writing and part memoir. She has and has a unique talent for capturing the feelings and memories of bygone days and presenting them in a way that draws the listening into their own memories. It was a real privilege to hear these stories read in her own voice. After a while, her husband Barry joined us and we three enjoyed swapping about our adventures while RVing. I have met such great people here at Rusty's RV Resort!

I spent the early afternoon roaming around the RV park. I've been here a month and it's hard the think of leaving on Monday. This place has grown on me! I do believe I will be back!

Last night the winds were really howling and Dexter could not settle down so I finally gave in to his whimpers about midnight and let him crawl into bed with me. Needless to say, he slept soundly after that. I, however, did not fare quite so well so I was not feeling overly ambitious today.

The Black Swans are incubating eggs! My wandering took me down to the pond and I found Mrs. sitting on her nest. Mr. was hovering and protecting her from all threats real and imagined. I took these videos of them to share. In the second video, Mrs. gets up for a drink and a swim. Mr. helps her get a stick and some leaves out of the way so she has a clear path to the water...what a guy!

Rusty and Tim have brought some new birds to their aviary here at the park. I got a few phone photos of their birds today. They are so interesting! I love how birds come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities...just like people!

I received a surprise phone call from my Dollmaking friends back home today! They were working on a project together and decided to check in to see what I was up to. It was terrific hearing from Lynn, Sue, and Pat! Thanks for the call...I miss you guys!! It's always a treat to hear from folks back home. I love being on the road and making new friends, and sure appreciate hearing from my old friends too! It was such a nice surprise!

A group of new friends here at the park invited me to join them at the Rodeo Tavern this evening for a beer and some laughs as a way to say goodbye and give me a bit of a sendoff.  I'll be busy tomorrow readying the camper to get back on the road early Monday morning. This month has flown by and it's hard to believe it's already time to move on.  I am feeling incredibly fortunate to have so many friends, here and there... online and off.... silver and gold, and I'm so glad to count you among them!