Early Morning Rabbit Drama and Birds Before Breakfast

It was a chilly 27 degrees this morning when I took Dexter out at sunrise.  I spied a herd of jackrabbits out for an early morning meal so after taking care of his majesty, I raced back to grab my camera. I was able to catch up with them as they moved through the low brush.

As I followed them they decided to pop out on the road in front of me.

But deciding I was clearly not trustworthy, they headed back into the cover of the brush.

Then there was a little drama between these two. They are either two males fighting for territory, or one is a female and the male is trying to get too close. I'll go with that storyline...as he was approaching her, she had her ears back and was clearly warning him off.

Not to be discouraged, he kept at it and finally got close enough for a little nose to nose kiss!

That was enough for her...Scat! Off with you now!


And don't come back!

It was fun to watch, and I wanted to stay longer but my fingers were little icicles and I was having difficulty working the camera so I headed back to the camper to warm up. I guess I need to dig out my gloves. While I was processing these rabbit photos I spotted a beautiful Western Meadow Lark out my window.

Not long after his arrival, this beautiful Pyrrhuloxia showed up!

...and all this happened before breakfast! I wonder what the rest of the day has in store...