Real Eggs, Rodeo Tavern, Me & Mr Wayne

The sun returned today but it was still cool and pretty blustery. I spent the morning making plans. I'll need to return to Massachusetts in May for some routine medical tests but this trip home will also give me an opportunity to see my son's girlfriend Liz graduate from college with a master's degree and catch up with family and friends. I'll store my camper and truck near Tulsa Oklahoma, and ride back home with my son Glen who will be driving across the country in his pickup truck. Life is an exciting Adventure! I made appointments today to have the brakes on the trailer adjusted when I get to Las Cruces next week and also to get service on the truck. The oil needs to be changed and general service attended to. While I was making all of these plans, my neighbor Karen stop by and invited me to join her and Diann for a quick trip into town to the swap shop. I was thrilled to have an invitation to get out for a little bit. We enjoyed a nice ride into town and poked around the swap shop. The lady offered us some local fresh eggs and we all took advantage of that!

I've also ordered some fresh goat cheese that I'll pick up tomorrow. There's nothing like local food.

I joined Karen and Diann and their husbands Steve and Dennis for dinner at Rodeo Tavern, a local haunt. It was a delicious meal and good company and I had fun getting to know my RV neighbors better and some of the local people I met at this restaurant/ bar. I'm so impressed with the people I've met here and the strong sense of community that surrounds this small area. We stopped at the post office today and learned that the local fundraising events being sponsored in this community support scholarships for the youth of the area. There are 13 kids graduating from high school this year and all of them will be able to continue on to college with a full scholarship because of the support of their community. This is a great model for how our world should work!