Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Instant Pot, Friendly Gathering

After days of clouds and rain, Dexter and I were both jumping out of bed at sunrise anxious for a walk in the sunshine. It was beautiful to watch the clouds play over the mountains, blue in the early morning light, and then as the sun rose, it bathed those same mountains in a rich golden glow.

I spent the morning cooking. My friends Dianne and Joe are leaving tomorrow so we are going to share a meal and a campfire tonight. I made some cornbread to share.

I've also been hearing about the Instant Pot for quite some time. My sister Becky told me about it several years ago, and after hearing my fellow RV's sing its praises, I finally decided to take the plunge and get one. Amazon Prime is a wonderful thing! My instapot was delivered a day ago, I set it up this morning and made beef bourguignon in 20 minutes! This device is truly amazing. It's a combination slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, and yogurt maker. The beef stew I made was full of flavor, simply delicious! Thank you to my friend Diann W. who lent me her instant pot recipe book.

Have you used in instant pot? Do you have a favorite recipe to share?

After cleaning up the kitchen I went to the club house to finish laying out the appliques on my camper quilt. I have two-thirds of them sewn down and just needed to baste the remaining circles in place. This quilt is moving along more quickly than I anticipated so I'm hoping my DH will send me the border fabric I left at home. With the outer border sewn-in place I can finish the remaining applique.

I had a nice long phone call from my son Glen who's working down in the Baja Peninsula this afternoon. I hear from my son Owen once a week since he still lives in Massachusetts, but my sin Glen's schedule is a little trickier so I don't get to speak with him every week. I'm so proud of both of them they're doing very well at their respective jobs and living life large! It's such a treat to get a phone call from them and hear what's going on in their world.

A lovely call from DH rounded out my afternoon. This age of modern technology makes it easier than ever to stay in contact with loved ones. I am one lucky lady! Dexter and I are heading out the door now with cornbread in hand to enjoy an evening of friendship, firelight, and food! Life is indeed an exciting adventure.