Cool and Rainy Day, Housekeeping, and Camper Quilt Applique

Today is the first day I've seen rain in many weeks. The locals are happy to have a reprieve from the drought conditions and are all smiles when they comment "Fine weather we're having isn't it?" Water is something not to be taken lightly here in the desert.

I took advantage of the day to catch up on some housework, cleaned the camper and did laundry. Dexter is small but he can generate some powerful odors if I let it go too long! I had my housekeeping chores done by early afternoon and while there was a break in the showers, Dexter and I went for a short walk. He's happy to join me for a walk if I let him bring his toy ball which he proudly carries in his mouth!

I've enjoyed a few hours this afternoon watching movies and sewing on the camper quilt. I finished watching the movie Tombstone, then started on the second season of Prime Suspect. I'm sipping a cup of coffee spiked with Mexican Mocha from The Bisbee Coffee Company. Their coffees are exceptional and this mocha treat is a delicious mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate. It's a wonderful treat and chases away the chill in the damp 57 degree air.

Dexter has been a big help keeping me company while I work on the quilt!