Happy Valentine's Day!

How lovely is it that we have an entire day dedicated to Love! I am so grateful for all my family and friends who surround and support me with their love as I journey through this life. I enjoyed a wonderful day today in the company of my new friend Dianne. We both needed to do grocery shopping, so we shared the long ride to Douglas. The rain was moving in as we left Rusty's and made our way down Rte 80. We spotted no less than 10 hawks perched on the telephone poles along the highway on our way to town. We also caught a glimpse of a large coyote as he crossed the road in front of my truck. He looked fat and sleek. I suspect he has plenty of food available, like the roadrunner we saw crossing the road shortly behind him.

Once in Douglas, we stopped for lunch at a local restaurant called Mana Restaurant & Bakery. It was a sweet little place and we both had a dish called Chilaquilas, something neither of us had tried before. I ordered mine with green chili sauce and Dianne tried the red chile sauce. Both were delicious but I liked my green chili sauce better, it had a slight tangy flavor that I found quite appealing. It's a simple dish consisting of corn tortilla strips smothered in chile sauce with a small amount of queso fresco cheese. Comfort food for sure! It reminded me of the Canadian dish called Poutine ( french fries smothered in gravy)!! It was served with a side salad and beans and was more than I could eat.

The day flew by quickly as we visited Walmart, the Meat Market, and Food City to obtain all of our weekly provisions amid wonderful conversation and lots of laughs. I am grateful for new friendships and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

It is interesting to see the differences in what's available in the stores here versus those back in the Northeast. I especially liked the glass cases of booze right next to the baby formula!

On our ride back home, we again saw numerous hawks perched on the telephone poles along the highway. I wonder if the impending rain has something to do with the large number of them roosting at the same time. Any ornithologist input would be appreciated! We were also treated to three beautiful deer who crossed the road in front of us. We weren't in a hurry so I had plenty of time to stop and let them move across safely. It was a banner day for wildlife!

When I arrived home late afternoon there was a large black and gold box sitting outside my camper door with the FTD logo on it. I don't know how my dear husband managed it, but he did. A dozen roses awaited me on this Valentine's Day just as they have every year since we met. It was no small feat to have these delivered in this remote location! He's one of a kind and I am so very grateful for his love. Happy Valentine's Day DH.