Beautiful Sunrise, High Winds, For the Birds

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise made even more spectacular by the clouds.

It wasn't long however before the winds to began to howl. It was a good day to stay inside. The high winds kick up quite a dust storm in this flat and very dry desert basin. I took advantage of the quiet to spend a little more time reorganizing my things in the camper and playing with my paints while watching an old British mystery series I borrowed from the library called "Prime Suspect" starring Helen Mirren. I checked out the first season and like it quite well so I'm glad they have the rest of the series at the library. I also read a bit in the book I borrowed from the library called "Rattlesnake Crossing" by J A Jance. I'm enjoying that as well and look forward to reading more titles in this detective series which is set here in the Southern Arizona and New Mexico region that I'm visiting.

Dexter and I managed to get an hour of play time at the dog park around lunchtime while there was a lull in the wind, but the calm was short-lived so we retreated back into the camper for the afternoon.

We just snuck in an evening walk during another few minutes of calm, but the winds have returned so we are in for the night. I managed to get a picture of this bush full of roosting birds on our walk.

I wandered back through Rusty's aviary and snapped a few pictures of the residents. I see a few new faces since I last visited and Rusty is installing some additional cages. I can't wait to see what she brings in next!