Dexter gets a New Toy, Then a Bath! Cleaning, Culling and Reorganizing Again...

While I was shopping at Walmart yesterday, I purchased a new ball for Dexter to play with. There's a great enclosed dog play space here where he can run off lead, and one of his favorite games is fetch with a squeaky ball. We spent the better part of an hour this morning playing with the ball and with the other dogs who came to play. Dexter has been spending a lot of time outside and because it's winter, there's no grass, leaving him quite dusty and dirty. After our play session this morning, he was in dire need of a bath.

I guess I was just in a cleaning mood, so after bathing Dexter, I spent the rest of the day repacking the truck and trailer, sorting through things and finding items to send home, and cleaning. I see that reorganizing will be an ongoing process, at least for a while, as I settle into life on the road. I find it satisfying and not really a chore. It's kind of fun to find things that I forgotten that I brought!

I caught sight of this when I came out of Walmart last night, perhaps it was my inspiration for cleaning and reorganizing my rig today! 😁