Shopping trip to Douglas and side trip to Bisbee

I needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store in Douglas, well it's an hour and a half away so it wasn't going to be a quick trip! I heard quite a bit about the old mining town of Bisbee and that was only a half an hour from Douglas so I decided to get going early in the morning and make a side trip there to check it out. It's interesting, a quaint little tourist town with a copper mining history. The mining trade is pretty much shut down, but the town has taken advantage of its notoriety and there are museums having to do with the mining industry, and lots of shops breweries, restaurants, and art galleries. It will be a fun place to visit with Steve when he comes out in March. Dexter and I stayed long enough to get a lay of the land, had lunch at a lovely restaurant called Anna's and bought some famous Bisbee coffee. The restaurant had an outdoor patio so Dexter was comfortable while I had my sandwich. We poked around a few of the shops and he had a little play date with an adorable dog named Elizabeth had a little shop called Singletree. I'm writing this post quickly while I'm here in Douglas and have internet service so please pardon any typos! I'm hoping that Rusty's has sorted out the internet connectivity at the park by the time I get back. We had one G and only one or two bars of service for the past couple of days and thats not enough to upload any pictures or posts. I'll keep writing my posts and if you don't see any from me for a couple of days, just means I can't get them uploaded and we'll catch up as soon as I have connectivity.