Camping Quilters!

I gathered with a group of fellow creative campers in the clubhouse of Rusty's RV Ranch this morning to share some sewing time together. Several folks were working on repairing and restoring vintage quilts. Diane had admired my iron caddy last week, and thanks to the speed of the internet I was able to get the pattern for her quickly so she began working on it today! Peggy shared some lovely quilt pictures with me from a unique shop she had visited, and June (Rusty's Mom) brought in a red and white vintage quilt started long ago by an Aunt in their family. She planned to make a tote bag out of it but her sewing machine was acting up. I have some experience with various sewing machines and was able to sort it out for her.

Dianne is working on a block of the month mystery quilt and is using primarily astronomy themed fabrics. Her husband is an astronomer and they are camping here to take advantage of the Dark Skies that this t park has to offer. There are actually quite a few professional astronomers with their large telescopes here who come to this park specifically for its dark sky status. This guy's are utterly amazing in the night before the moon comes up. I've never seen so many stars!

In addition to the celestial themed fabrics, Diane is mixing in some that remind her of places that she and her husband have travel together. I can't wait to see how this quilt evolves!

Debbie was resewing some applique hearts on a lovely quilt that her Mom made for her and her husband for their wedding in 2003.

I finished prepping the circles for my camping quilt and will begin to hand applique them to the background tonight. It was fun to spend time in community with these lovely women and we we plan to meet again next week. The clubhouse has great lighting and tons of space for us to spread out and sew to our hearts content.

Joe, Diane's husband is a wonderful breadmaker and gifted me with a loaf of his famous sourdough bread. It is soo good! Soft and moist, chewy and flavorful. I'm glad to be taking a break from my "no carbs" diet!