Morning Walk, Tumbleweed Clam House, Messy Art

I just can't get enough of the view Chiricahua Mountains. They were spectacular this morning. Dexter and I were up and out early for our walk. My headache is gone and I felt much better today.

I spend some time this morning working on my next art lesson, this one from a teacher in the Netherlands, Juna Biagioni. I love trying all these different styles of painting and drawing. Each one teaches me something new. The internet makes it easy to take lessons from teachers all around the world. This one is still a work-in-progress. The technique uses a highly textured background made using extra heavy gel medium, a dark acrylic wash, and hard pastels. I didn't have hard pastels, just soft pastels but I'm making do. It's a messy job, but fun! She is just a girl from my imagination.

I started working on this piece outside in the Clam Screen House, then moved inside because the light was a bit too harsh for me to see well. While I was inside I heard the wind kick up and a loud noise and I looked out to see my Clam House flying away like a tumbleweed in the wind! I ran outside and luckily my neighbor and his teenage son we're outside too and the three of us were able to wrangle It to the ground. What a mess! Art supplies were scattered everywhere and the house was in a tangle. It took me a little while but I managed to get everything put back in order. I guess that house is just not built for desert winds and we'll have to wait for a location where I can stake solidly to the ground!