Art Lesson, Dexter's New Carseat, 54 miles to Town

This morning I finished another lesson from the online course Life Book . This one is from Ivy Newport and it went something like this. Step 1: collage a background

Step 2: take a selfie and print it out

Step 3: tear out just the band across the eyes of the photo and collage that onto the background.

Steps 4 through 4,000: draw and paint the face!

I learned so much during this exercise. This face has more depth than any I've created to date. I did find it very challenging to work on a likeness of myself. We all know that when painting or drawing, our brains tend to fill in the details of what we think something looks like rather than what the actual shapes are. A large part of part of learning to these skills is learning to see the shapes and tones accurately, then to reproduce them accurately. This challenge was magnified for me while creating this piece because well, I have an idea of how I think I look, and this sure wasn't it! It's hard enough resolving myself to the reflection I see in the mirror each day, let alone trying to put it down on paper! *sigh* Oh well, I did leave out the wrinkles!

A few days ago I placed an internet order for Dexter from for food and a new car seat. The FEDEX guy delivered it right to my camper! This seat fits on the console between the truck seats. Dexter loved it so much he didn't want to get out if it!

It's super comfortable and he loves riding close to me and up high where he can see out easily. This seat has straps that go around the console and around the passenger seats so it's very secure.

It's great to be able to order some things from the internet, but it's hard to get propane delivered from Amazon! We installed the new carseat and made a trip into the town of Douglas, AZ this afternoon to restock groceries and fill up a propane tank. Tomorrow is Potluck night at the park and the owners are providing barbecue chicken and ribs. I want to make cornbread and needed some ingredients. Rusty's RV Ranch where I'm staying is quite remote. Douglas, the the nearest town with services is about 54 miles away. While I was in town, I stopped at Cochise Supply and Juan helped me refill my propane tank. A 20 lb tank for $16.20! What a bargain! Juan noticed my Massachusetts license plate on the truck and while the tank filled, he regaled me with stories of his visit to the East Coast where he toured Springfield, Massachusetts and New York City. It's a small world after all!

On Juan's recommendation I stopped for lunch at Border Taco and enjoyed a fantastic meal. Thank you Juan!