Sewing Buddy, Sweet Treat, Blue -Blood-Full Moon on the Rise

I pushed paint around on paper this morning with unsatisfactory results and was happy to meet up with Diane while on my morning walk with Dexter. I'm met Diane, her husband Joe, and they're adorable Schnauzer Maddie the day before yesterday while walking Dexter. He and Maddie felt each other out and after a few minutes decided they could be friends. To my delight, Diane was on her way to the clubhouse to sew! She's making a cover for a child's nap mat and I decided to join her to work on my camper quilt. It was great to spend some time sewing and chatting and now I'm almost done prepping the applique circles for my quilt. Several other folks stopped by for a chat and it seems there are quite a few crafters here at the park. We may need to organize a crafting day! Mid afternoon Diane's husband Joe called and offered to bring us coffee. He showed up a bit later with a lovely Apple Tort he had baked that was warm from the oven, and a thermos of fresh brewed coffee. It was a delightful surprise and so delicious. Diane and Joe are full-time Rvers from northern Idaho and it has been wonderful getting to know them and of course Miss Maddie!

I'm excitedly preparing to photograph the Super- Blood- Blue moon this evening.

I snapped a few shots with my cell phone as the moon was rising tonight. There was cloudcover hanging on the mountain tops when it first came up, but once it cleared the clouds it was a sight to behold. I have my Nikon set up and ready to (hopefully) capture the lunar eclipse as the Moon sets in the wee hours of the morning. I took a few test shots this evening with my 300mm lens that came out pretty well, so keep your fingers crossed! I'll share them tomorrow along with the eclipse photos.

Here are the ones I captured with my cellphone

My east coast friends won't be able to see the lunar eclipse because the moon will set in their region before the eclipse happens but if you live in the western part of the country and the skies are clear try to get outside and take a look!