Energy's Back, Fellow Blogger, New Do

I woke up this morning feeling much better than I have for the past couple of days. My energy has returned and I seem to have shaken off whatever was bugging me!

Dexter on the other hand seemed to have picked up my malaise and was not in the mood for walking at all today. He made it part way around our normal circuit, dragging the entire way. He would take two or three steps then dig his front feet in and not budge an inch. I finally gave up and carried him back. I guess he just needs a rest too. This afternoon we took another walk and he was much more energetic so hopefully he will be back to his bouncy self tomorrow. I had a nice chat with my neighboring campers today. On one side of me are a couple from Wisconsin, and my Escape Trailer friends Steven and Vivien have returned and are parked on the other side of me. They have an Escape 21 and our full time RVing now. Vivian is also a blogger. She writes very well and I'm enjoying reading about their adventures. You can find her blog at I know you'll enjoy reading it as much as I do! I'm getting the camper ready to move tomorrow. I also spent some time moving my digital pictures from the SD card in my camera too my back up drives. I use two 1 Terabyte external drives to store backup copies of my digital pictures. It take takes time to copy them all over but I'm happy to have them backed up for future use. Last year I was using only one drive to store my photos and it failed so I lost a lot of pictures. Now, I always back up to two separate drives. They are quite inexpensive for the amount of storage they provide. I went into town this afternoon for the few things I forgot to purchase when I shopped the other day (why didn't I have a list!) and to get a haircut. My hair grows quickly and it had been nearly 12 week since my last cut...Yikes! Chaz at Simply Divine Salon had me back in shape and no time and now I'm rockin' my new do!

The salon's online booking system made it easy to make an appointment and Chaz gave me a great cut. I'll definitely use them again when I'm in the area. Tomorrow it'll be time to hitch my big red horses to this beautiful buggy and head for Rusty's RV Ranch! Yee Haw!!