A Walk in the Park, Nikon Pictures of Petroglyphs and Sunset

I took it easy today since I'm still not feeling 100% and think I'm fending off a bug.  I've learned to listen to my body and when I can, do what it needs, and today it just needed to rest.  I took several walks in the park, some with Dexter and one with the Ranger. The Ranger was full of historical information about the early settlers and much about the geology of surrounding landscape and the dam. Since I was not feeling well, I ducked out early and took advantage of the quiet to write, take a nap and dose up with Airborne. This evening I spent some time processing the photos from Three Rivers Petroglyph Site and a few of the sunset. I'm hoping I shake this bug quickly and wake up tomorrow full of energy... Enjoy these photos of the Petroglyph site taken with my Nikon D5200.

Adjacent to the petroglyph site was this area where it is believed the people who created the rock art lived. There were pottery shards as evidence of the inhabitants and replicas of their houses have been constructed to show how they lived.

I got a few good shots of the sunset even without a tripod!