Dexter Gets a Bath, Laundry, and Grocery Shopping

Today was a day for practicalities. My body told me this morning that I've been pushing a little too hard and so I listened and took it easy. I lounged late in bed, read a bit, surf the net for a while, and then cooked the nice big brunch. After another chilly evening, the morning sun found it stride and warm things up nicely so Dexter and I enjoyed a long walk around the park. Feeling refreshed, I decided it was time to get things cleaned up and to restock the fridge. Dexter was looking a bit grubby and starting to smell a little funky, so I pulled out the kitchen dish pans and gave him a nice bath. Well, I thought it was nice, he had other thoughts.

Once he was clean, it was time to gather his bedding and mine along with the rest of the laundry and head into Las Cruces to finish the cleaning job. I'm finding it easy to get the laundry done at local laundromats where the washer and dryers are nice and big so things move along quickly.

I also needed to restock the pantry and this Friday when I moved to Rusty's RV Resort I want to arrive prepared for their weekly potluck dinner. I research recipes online last night and found a nice pasta salad recipe using sun-dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. Who doesn't love Caprese salad? It should be easy to make up ahead of time too.

It's taken up most of the day, but I'm happy to have the bulk of my errands and housekeeping chores done for the next week or two. Tomorrow I'm hoping to attend the ranger-led nature walk again, this time with a different ranger. There's so much new to learn everyday