Books, Beer, and New Art Beginnings

After all the excitement of hiking yesterday I was looking forward to a quiet day today. The wind really kicked up last night and has continued blowing hard all day with gusts up to 40 miles an hour. The temps are still low, and it feels much colder with the wind blowing. It was a good day to stay inside! I started a new art piece from my online class, Life Book. This one combines collage and painting and lots of layering. The collage is complete, and I'll leave it to dry overnight before I start adding paint. A woman on our hike around Leasburg Dam State Park yesterday told me about a book by local authors detailing easy day hikes in the area. I decided to go into Las Cruces and pick up a copy at Coas Books, an independent bookstore offering used and new books on Main Street in Las Cruces. What a wonderful store! It was huge and included a whole room full of maps, lots and lots of used and vintage books, movies and music, and some new books too. In addition to finding the book on day hikes and nature walks, I also found some funky maps to use in my collage work and three used books of fables and fairy tales. All of this illustrative work has my head spinning on ways to reimagine some of the old stories. I was thrilled to find these used volumes for little money today. It was well after lunch when I finished at the bookstore, so I stopped at a nearby restaurant store called Dragonfly. Great beer and delicious fish tacos! On my way back to the truck I passed this doorway and couldn't resist a photo! The wind is still howling but Dexter and I are warm and comfy in the Wild Thing and happy to enjoy an evening of reading. I do love books!