Heads, and Tails, and Faces.

Dexter and I took a long walk this morning and along the away we found this cool remnant of a snake skin. It looked to have come from the snake's head.

As I walked along, I thought about about things in my life I might want to shed. Do I have beliefs , attitudes, or behaviors I feel are a bit bit too tight and are maybe beginning to itch? Just like the snake shedding its skin that's grown too tight, I can examine and consciously let go of thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve me or others in a positive way. Such are my ruminations in January...

My next art project calls for collage and a copy of a photo. I also needed a bit more hot pressed watercolor paper, so I left Dexter to nap and drove into Las Cruces. I visited a wonderful art supply store called Frame & Art Center on Main Street. I was greeted at the door by Ron, the owner, and he graciously showed me all around the shop so I would know where to find things. The shop was quite well stocked with fine art supplies and offers a full Custom Framing Service as well. I found just what I needed, and then some!

I had a bit of time to kill until my printing was ready at Staples, so I checked out the local Savers. I found a few t-shirts & shorts, some DVDs of old movies to keep me busy on a rainy day for only $2.99 each, and these two books for drawing reference. Both are chock-full of great faces to use as inspiration for drawing practice.

When I arrived back at the camper after my errands, Dexter was estatic to see me...I was 10 minutes late to give him his dinner!! Somehow he survived the trauma and I was forgiven as soon as the food was produced. After dinner we went for our evening walk and at the opposite end of the park from our morning walk, we stumbled across this!


It's most likely not from the same snake, but pretty interesting that I found the head at one end of the park and the tail at the other!