The Warmth Returns, Finished Hero Illustration, Walks and Rocks

After 2 days of overcast skies and cool temperatures, the sun returned today and brought its warmth back to the desert floor. Dexter and I took a short walk this morning, then I spent some time finishing my Hero Illustration. I'm pleased with the outcome and sure learned a lot on this one. I'm encouraged to keep trying.

I'm met my neighbors today, a lovely couple from Northern New Mexico who are here in their tiny camper visiting relatives in Las Cruces. They were interested to see Wild Thing and I was equally interested to see their 1972 vintage fiberglass Compact Jr Trailer. Mary Jo and Jimmy were delightful to chat with and their trailer is just adorable!

Dexter and I got out this afternoon and took a longer walk along the trails here in the park and of course I found some more rocks! Along with Basalt and Jasper, I found a large and a small piece of Opalized Agate, as well as a nice piece of Flint. Jimmy told me that these pieces of Flint are the parts that get chipped off when the arrowhead is being chiseled. I haven't found an arrowhead yet but I'm keeping my eyes sharp!

I'm so honored to be in this beautiful area of the country and enjoying a daily rhythm that fills my soul. I wake each morning to a glorious sunrise at the front of my camper and watch the sunset every evening from the back of my camper. In between, my days are are rich and full of new discoveries.

I'm grateful for the many blessings that surround me.