Finished Bear Illustration, Continuing Art Journey

Today was art day! It was cold overnight, down in the twenties, so as planned, I spent the day mostly inside. I finished the bear illustration and learned quite a bit on this one. I experimented freely and found success with some tries and others I won't repeat. I'm pushing myself to try different materials and techniques without worrying too much about the outcome.

Dexter and I did take a walk late afternoon when it had warmed up to 45 degrees. I find it hard to walk without stopping every few minutes to pick up rocks. My mother was a big rock hound and I take after her in that regard. They're just so beautiful to look at and here in the desert there's quite a variety.

I usually carry my favorites home and lay them out on the picnic table for a few days so I can enjoy them, and then release them back to their natural habitat.

Tonite I'm sketching out a plan for the next illustration. If the weather is cool again tomorrow I'll stay in and paint again.