Desert Walks, Painting, Art Supply Run

Walking in the morning and in the evening has become our daily routine. Dexter loves the trails here because several of them are sand covered. He hates walking on rocks, so when we hit a stretch with sand he takes off running! I worked a bit on my bear illistration today but was struggling without watercolor markers. Finally decided to take the drive into Las Cruces and see what I could find for art supplies.

My first stop was Mas Art Frame and Art Supply Where I found a few things I needed. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the owners, Sandra and Malu. They were helpful and gave me some good information about places to visit in the area. I also had a lovely chat with another customer who is quite the nature photographer! I do enjoy talking to the locals and learning about the area. They gave me some great tips on places to go for photography.

My next stop was to purchase a small blow dryer, not for my hair, but for my paintings! I'm becoming impatient waiting for them to dry in between layers! The blow dryer will help speed the process along so I can get more painting done.

I found the water-based illustration markers I needed at Hobby Lobby so tonight I'm experimenting to see how they respond. The weather is supposed to be cool for the next two days with highs only in the low 40s So I may just have to stay in and paint... 😁