Sparky's, Live Music, Escape Neighbor

It was time to say goodbye to the City of Rocks and move on down the road to Leasburg Dam. I didn't have to check out of my campsite until after noon, so I took my time getting the trailer packed and hitch to the truck. It's become an easy routine for me. Leasburg Dam State Park is only a hundred miles from City of Rocks, so Dexter and I poked our way down the road at a leisurely pace. My route took me through the small town of Hatch, the Chile Capital of the World as you'll recall from a previous post, and since it was about lunch time I decided to stop and grab a bite. This is quite an interesting little town and I noticed a long line outside a little restaurant called Sparky's so I had to see what thar was all about! After waiting in line for 45 minutes, I was treated to some of the best barbecue I've ever had and live music to boot! The band was quite good and there were lots of folks kicking up their heels on the dance floor. Who knew such entertainment was available at 1:30 pm on a Sunday afternoon in Hatch, NM? I heard some folks talking while waiting in line that they had heard about this place on a recent local Food Show and it had received good reviews. That may explain the long line! I chose the combo plate with barbecued ribs sausage, pulled pork, and beef with a side of pinto beans. I ate about a quarter of it and have enough left over to feed me for the entire week! It was delicious.

As I rolled up to my campsite who should I see but another Escape Owner! I had a brief chat with the husband, Steve, before unhitching and hope to get a chance to visit with him and his wife tomorrow before they leave. He said he recognized the Wild Thing logo and he new of me from the Escape trailer forum. What fun! I have a terrific campsite here with a beautiful covered picnic table and plenty of space. Dexter enjoyed his evening walk as we watched the sun go down together. It's another beautiful day in the desert and now we're chillin' to the sound of the coyotes howling out our window. This will be a good spot for the next 12 days.