Dark and Stormy night... and day... and night, Finished Pinky, Planning Steve's Next Visit

It was a dark and stormy night, the winds howled and shook the camper, the rain beat a steady drum against the roof, and Dexter whimpered throughout it all! The poor little guy just didn't quite know what to make of all the shake rattle and roll. It was the first storm of any significance we've experienced in Wild Thing and I'm sure he will get used to it. It rained on and off all day, the wind continue to howel and the temperature dropped to 40 degrees but with the wind it felt more like 30! It was a good day to stay inside and finish my illustration. Pinky's all done and I'm pleased with how she turned out. This illustration is from a class called Life Book. This character is my "Garden Angel" who will "tend my garden of dreams" throughout this year. It was a meditative process creating her and thinking about the things I want to let go of and what I want to bring in. Part of the meditation was to envision an animal companion for the journey and the Raven spoke loudly to me. I am seeing them frequently here in the desert and in Native American culture, the Raven represents metamorphosis, transformation, and change. I worked intuitively on this piece without thinking too much about it until the end. After she was done, I could see how the garden surrounding her, that profusion of color and texture, speaks to the amazing abundance of blessings that I'm experiencing on this wonderful journey. She's kind of a Wild Thing!

Dexter and I took a walk this evening. The winds are still high and the clouds are rolling back in so we may be in for another exciting night. We could see dust storms in the distance but thankfully they have stayed away from the campground.

I'm here at City of Rocks until Sunday, then I'll move to Leasburg Dam State Park for 12 days. I really enjoyed my stay there a few weeks ago and I'm excited to get back. From there, I'm headed back to Rusty's RV resort for a month-long stay then I will go back to Leasburg Dam State Park for another 12 days days before Steve arrives for a visit. I purchased an annual camping pass for New Mexico State Parks that allows me to stay for just the price of utilities. It's a great deal but many of the most popular parks are full this time of year so I'm alternating between state parks and comercial parks until winter is over and availability opens up more in the state parks.

Steve will be arriving the second week in March for a two-week visit. I'm so glad he's going to be able to stay longer this time. We both thoroughly enjoyed the Tucson area and want to continue to explore the outlying regions around the city. We'll stay this time in a park south of Tucson in a region rich with natural beauty and Native American culture to explore.

We'll meet up again in April at Steve's sister's house in Tulsa Oklahoma for some family time celebrating the twins First Communion. Our son Owen will join us as well so he'll have a chance to spend time with the family and be able to experience the camper!

I'm undecided on my itinerary from there. I had originally planned to head north to the Pacific Northwest, the Escape Trailer Rally in Chilliwack British Columbia, and possibly then up to Alaska. I'm waffling a bit on that plan because I'm just enjoying the desert so much I'm not ready to leave. Steve would also like to experience the Southwest during the summer to see what that's like. He's always been a northern boy and has not experienced dry-heat! My years in Texas give me some inkling as to what it would be like here in the summer but I too would like to experienced it first-hand. Oh well, I don't have to decide today. Wherever I go, I'll bring you along with me! Stay tuned!