Praying Mantis Egg Casing, New Petroglyphs, Progress on Pinky

It was another beautiful and interesting day here in the desert. I was greeted this morning by another spectacular sunrise. I just can't get enough of it!

After morning coffee and a short walk with Dexter, I set out in search of new petroglyphs. I spent the better part of the morning wandering around the giant rocks and didn't find any new glyphs but sure enjoyed my time up among the rocks and did find several praying mantis egg casings.

At lunch time I came back to work on my mixed media illustration, Pinky. While I was working on her, Brian stopped by to tell me that he had just had an interesting conversation with one of the Rangers. Ranger John is visiting from Pancho Villa State Park just south of here and had some interesting stories about petroglyphs in the area. Brian suggested I make time to speak with John this afternoon so as I was letting the illustration dry, I wandered down to the visitor center to meet John. He was very interesting and shared lots of information about sites in the area I might want to visit. While I was there the ranger at the front desk also provided me with information on how to find other petroglyphs here at City of Rocks. She told me they haven't been publicizing the information because folks were not respecting the the campers in and around the petroglyphs and they had experienced some vandalism. I felt so pleased to be given this information and will use it with care. I was able to get out and discover two additional petroglyphs. The last one will have to wait until tomorrow!

Rain moved in and out of the area this afternoon we had a few showers and a rainbow.

The weather is going to turn cooler tomorrow with a high of only 40 and it should get quite chilly overnight. My Petroglyph buddies have invited me to a bonfire tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to that. I'm hoping to run into them during the day tomorrow and share the new information I have on the glyphs.

I spent the rest of the evening working on Pinky and she's coming along quite well. She just need some finishing detail but I meant need to let her cure overnight before attempting that. I'm so glad I have room in the trailer to do my artwork! As you can see, Dexter is not bothered a bit by the mess!