Sunrise, Errands, Siesta, Secret Petroglyphs, 360 Sunset

It's often unexpected to me how the days unfold. This morning, I thought today would be an ordinary day without much to talk about, but life is full of surprises! I woke early and open the curtain on my bedroom window to a spectacular sunrise that got me out of bed and out of doors before my coffee! As beautiful as the pictures are they can't possibly capture the subtle nuances of the extraordinary light in this part of the country.

After breakfast, Dexter and I drove to Silver City to run a few errands. I visited the local art supply store, Leyba & Ingalls Arts, and found some water soluble markers and crayons to help me finish Pinky. The shop was a charming combination art supply and gallery with a surprisingly good selection of supplies.

I enjoyed a delightful lunch of lamb sliders and salad at Tapas Hill Grill just down the street from the art supply store. Silver City is a very dog friendly town and Dexter was welcomed everywhere I went.

Arriving back at the campground about 2 in the afternoon, we unloaded the groceries and supplies and then took a nice walk up into the rocks. It was a warm day and I laid down on one of the rocks to take a nice Siesta while Dexter stood guard.

As we were heading down the Rocks I met a lovely gentleman, Brian, and we struck up a conversation. He told me that there are several petroglyphs in these rock formations. I had no idea! It's not publicized that they're there in an effort to protect them from vandalism and piracy. Apparently some were chiseled away and stolen away to be sold on the black market so now the petroglyphs are not publicized. When he showed me the first one I could not believe my eyes it was so incredibly beautiful.

We searched for the second one but were having trouble finding it when, as luck would have it, we ran into the gentleman, Michael, who had shown the petroglyphs to him yesterday. He graciously let us back to the site of the second petroglyph and I spotted another smaller one nearby as well.

Such an exciting find! I'll can't wait to spend some time over the next few days looking on my own to see if I can discover additional petroglyphs. I love to think about the people who created these drawings so long ago.

We also found several grinding holes in the Rocks where the women used to grind nuts and grains. Dexter enjoyed investigating these holes!

I took a walk at sunset and was rewarded with unbelievable splendor. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. The video was taken while I stood in one place and just rotated 360 Degrees three times. It's astounding to me that the sunset lights up the entire sky. It just takes my breath away.

At the end of my sunset walk, I began to hear two owls calling out to each other. I could see one on a rock close to me and I managed to get a short video. If you turn the sound up loud you can hear the two of them calling back and forth. Such an exciting day!