Painting Progress, Sunday Drive

I remember fondly my parents taking "Sunday Drives". They were exceptionally hard-working people and Sunday was the only day they found time for rest and relaxation. Often after church, if the weather was nice, they would set out on a leisurely drive down some back country road to enjoy the landscape. I often accompanied them on these Sunday Drives and developed a love for the practice, so after making some progress this morning on my illustration ( I think her name is Pinky!) I decided to take a drive through Gila National Forest to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. It was a spectacular drive and the views were stunning. The road was treacherous though, and reminded me a bit of the Road to Hana in Hawaii! The road presented one switch back after another with speed limits of 15 miles per hour most of the way. The payoff at the top however was well worth the effort. Coming down off the back side of the mountain, I checked out Percha Dam State Park. It was pretty run down and not a place that I would feel comfortable staying. That explains why there where many sites available to reserve online! I continued on through the little town of Truth or Consequences and up to Elephant Butte. There's a state park there on Elephant Butte Lake that showed better potential as a possible future campground . By that time the sun wasn't far from the horizon, so I decided to take the long way back to City of Rocks. I sure didn't want to try those mountain passes at night!