Continental Divide, City of Rocks, Faywood Hot Springs, Evening Light, and Jack

I left Rusty's RV Ranch this morning and headed down the highway to City of Rocks State Park. I crossed the Continental Divide and stopped at a fun and quirky store called Bowlin's Continental Divide so Dexter could stretch his legs. He had fun checking out the teepee and the interesting truck on display then waited in our rig while I went in to look around the store.


Such a feast for the eyes in this shop! The staff was friendly and helpful, and Cindy and I had a nice chat. I meet the nicest people along the way!

It was fun to look around but I was anxious to get down the road and see City of Rocks and when I arrived I could hardly believe my eyes. Plunked down in the middle of the desert are these amazing giant rock formations. It feels like I have been transported to another world . I park the camper in my reserved spot (which is quite spacious and a pull through to boot!), then Dexter and I walked up the hill and meandered among the towering stones. I just couldn't stop taking pictures, they are so beautiful! A new delight was waiting around every corner as we wandered through the rocks.

On my drive into City of Rocks, I passed a sign for Faywood Hot Springs. The ranger at The Visitor Center here at City of Rocks told me that they do indeed have several Hot Springs pools and guests are welcome to purchase day passes to soak in the hot tubs. Upon hearing this, it didn't take me long to jump in the truck and head down the road to check it out. Just 3 miles away, this place They hasp a little RV Park, and several soaking pools of varying size and temperature. You can purchase access to a private pool by the hour, or pay a flat fee to use the public pools on a day pass. Some pool areas are clothing required and others are clothing optional... The water comes up from Natural Hot Springs under the desert floor and the soaking pools vary in temperature. I sat for a while and one that was quite hot until that became uncomfortable, then I moved to a cooler option. Soaking in warm mineral water sure felt good on these travel weary bones! I met some very interesting people at the tubs, a couple from Silver City, a gentleman originally from Germany, and a fellow Vermonter! The more I travel the smaller the world gets and the more awed I become of the richness that surrounds us.

Driving back to the campground the sun was just beginning to set and after stopping to snap pictures a couple of times I finally just pulled over and stood on the side of the road to take it all in. These photos are unfiltered and untouched. The light here just takes my breath away!


And as if that weren't enough excitement for one day. Just before I got back to the camper I spotted this little fellow! What a day!