Trailer Tours, Black Swans in the Desert, and Year of Yes

Today was moving day. I'd been at Catalina State Park for two weeks and had visited with a few people there, but other than a passing hello, most folks kept to themselves. This morning, however, as I was hitching up, people began to show up and comment on Wild Thing. Over the course of two and a half hours, I met three wonderful couples and gave each a tour of the trailer! It's a good thing I didn't have far to drive today! On my way out of the park, I emptied the grey water and black water tanks at the dump station. They both showed only 2/3 full according to the gauges, so it seems I have enough capacity to go at least two weeks without having to empty the tanks. That may change if I'm using the shower in the camper regularly. Catalina State Park had clean and comfy shower facilities so I used their shower rather than the one in the camper while I was there. The last time I dumped I'm not sure the gray tank emptied completely, so this time I used my Anderson levelers to lift up the passenger side of the trailer which provided a bit of tilt to aid in draining the grey water tank. I could tell by the forceful way the water was flowing that this maneuver was a success.

I was on the road a little after 11 and had an easy 3 hour ride across Arizona into New Mexico on I-10. I arrived at Rusty's RV Resort just outside of rodeo New Mexico, a little before 3pm and was met at the gate and guided into my spot right away. This is a charming little park in a quiet desert setting. Stunning mountains ring the landscape in all directions. This area is known for birding and is also a dark skies community. Astronomers frequent this park and set up their large telescopes to take advantage of the Dark Skies. Dexter and I took a walk around the property and visited the koi pond, the bird aviaries, the clubhouse, then said hello to the black swans floating around in a pond with wood ducks. They were certainly not a sight I expected to see in the middle of the desert! There's even a hot tub on site!

It's cloudy tonight so I won't get a star show but this seems like the kind of place I could enjoy for several weeks. I'll consider coming back here after City of Rock for a longer stay.

I've been listening to Shonda Rhimes book Year of Yes on audio the past 2 days. It's a great read and I highly recommend it if you like her TV shows and are looking for a bit of New Year's inspiration. Heaven knows I really did not need to be inspired to say "Yes" this year, but I am enjoying the humor and inspiration of this book, and I'm definitely going to keep trumpeting "Yes" when life offers me interesting opportunities!