Writing, Walking, Real Coffee, Writing, Walking

I set an alarm to get myself up and going this morning. Off and on for years, I've been practicing the art of journaling called Morning Pages described by Julia Cameron in her groundbreaking book on the practice of creativity, The Artist Way. The practice calls for rising early and writing by hand, three notebook pages of stream of consciousness. The practice helps to bypass our inner critic and access our subconscious. I find the practice creates a space for me to "dump the junk" as well as providing a pathway into my internal world. The very act of writing the pages is the Practice. I never go back and read them, and would never let anyone else. They are entirely private. This level of privacy allows me to be totally honest on the page. I find it a powerful way to start my day. Some days they're easy to write and others quite difficult. When I am practicing the pages regularly, exciting things happen, so I'm recommitting to the practice in 2018. Dexter and I enjoyed a nice long morning walk as has become our routine, then we motored off to the laundromat. In just a couple of hours both of our bed clothes were fresh and sweet smelling again. I spent the following few hours tidying the camper and stowing items for travel. After lunch, I jumped in the truck to investigate a local coffee shop that I learned about on the internet.

Savaya Coffee Market has 6 locations here in Tucson, and one was less than 2 miles from the campground. The reviews of the coffee we're fabulous and they offered high-speed internet, so still hoping I could download some art videos I thought I'd give them a try.

I was greeted warmly by Sophia and after explaining that I was not knowledgeable about the coffee she did a great job educating me and offering samples for me to try. I chose a lovely African Sidamo and enjoyed every drop! Wow, what a treat this coffee was! Rich and full-bodied with a complex flavor. I have enjoyed learning about Wines in recent years and can see now that coffee can also be as interesting and delicious. As advertised, the internet speed was lightning fast and I was able to download videos to review while I'm at City of Rock. It was a good lesson for me and how to manage connectivity on the road, and the coffee was indeed good to the last drop. Thank you Barista Sophia!

While the videos were downloading I spent more time writing. I'm gathering character sketches and dabbling with some preliminary ideas. My main goal at this point is to write everyday and develop a practice. I have several book ideas floating around in my head and just need to settle into a writing routine and see which one rises to the surface.

The past two weeks have gone quickly here at Catalina State Park and I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay. This is a park that I hope to visit again. It is a busy park so if you plan to visit, reservations are recommended!

Here's one last look at those beautiful color washed hills at sunset.