Happy New Year 2018!

I love New Year's Day! There's just something about starting a brand spanking New Year. I feel like I did on the first day of school every year, filled with the promise of possibility and new beginnings. You never know what will happen! Dexter and I enjoyed a nice long walk this morning. I made use of the K9 Sports Sack backpack to carry him through part of the hike. It worked very well for both of us. I was able to enjoy more time on the trails and he was able to rest when he needed to.

I'm beginning to prepare for my departure on Wednesday. I'll be moving to Rusty's RV Ranch in Rodeo, New Mexico for one night, then on to City of Rock State Park New Mexico for 10 days. The state park is a pretty remote location so I wanted to prepare for limited access to supplies and low connectivity. I tried to download some art instructional videos to my Samsung tablet today so I could watch them while I'm out of the range of internet service. The WiFi here at the campground was to slow to handle the task, so I had the brilliant idea to drive over to Barnes and Noble and use their Wi-Fi. My tablet was almost out of storage space as well, so the first stop was to get a larger SD card at Best Buy. Barnes & Noble WiFi wasn't much faster than what I had here at the campground but I managed to download a couple videos and then used some of my mobile hotspot data to grab a couple more. If I have time tomorrow I'll investigate one of the local coffee houses to see if I can get faster internet service there. I also stopped at a store called Tuesday Morning and found a couple of great storage containers for my art supplies here in the camper. Dexter approved of my choices!

Tomorrow I'm going to be busy with laundry, and readying the camper for travel. It has been nice to be here at Catalina State Park for the past 2 weeks but I'm ready to pack up and move on to the next adventure!