Beautiful Beginnings, 50 Year Trail, Exceptional Endings

Dexter woke me up early this morning so we could take in the beautiful sunrise on our morning walk. I can't get over the light and how remarkable it is in this part of the country.

After taking a short walk with Dexter, he was ready for his morning nap so I took a longer walk down the 50 Year Trail that runs along the ridge of the park. Interesting bits of color and texture caught my eye along the path. I never tire of looking at this beautiful landscape.

Earlier this year, while I was waiting for Wild Thing to be built , I kept track of the days using a countdown calendar on my phone. When I picked up the trailer, the countdown began to increment and has been keeping track of the number of days I've had the trailer. Today is day 100!

I've sure come a long way in that period of time and put quite a few miles on both the truck and the trailer. I've gone from dreaming about this adventure and wondering how it was all going to be, to settling into a wonderful rhythm and gaining confidence with both the travel routine and handling the equipment.

I'm so looking forward to continuing this adventure in 2018!

After my hike it was time for a little siesta. Dexter decided to join me in the lounge and take a little snooze of his own.

After napping and knitting, I went into town to pick up a few groceries, visit the art supply store and the bookstore. I'll be starting up my online art classes tomorrow and needed a few tubes of paint and I always enjoy browsing the bookstore.

I got home just in time to see the moon rise. It was cloudy but I got just a glimpse of the moon before it disappeared behind the cloud cover.

The sunset that followed was utterly spectacular. 2017 went out in a blaze of glory here at Catalina State Park. I just couldn't believe my eyes.

When I turned around, here was the backwash. It just takes my breath away.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity for this experience! Here's wishing all of you the very best in the coming year. I hope all your dreams for the coming year come true! Here's to 2018! Happy New Year!